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Synopsis for Nano Novel: At Setting (Working Title)

In Strata, a mile-high world fashioned above an infertile and war-ravished Earth, having the chance to become the next Idol is every blue-eyed little girl’s dream. Most parents spend years preparing their daughters for the day when they would turn 14 and leave home for the Academy as an Ide, an Idol in training. Not Cora’s parents. From the moment her blue eyes opened at birth, her mother's dying wish is the Cora's eyes be kept a secret so she can live a normal life. Her father, now a young widower, did everything he could to prevent her from drawing the attention of the Council as a potential Ide. When she is discovered truant in her 16th year, her father is imprisoned for breaking the law and Cora is thrown amongst the competitive Ides already in their second year of rivalry at the Academy. Cora is determined to keep a low profile to complete her training and free her father. But when tragedy strikes, she finds herself in the middle of a rebellion and paired with rogue Cade. Torn between saving her father and escaping the oppression of the Council’s regime, Cora must overcome her lack of training and take her place as the next Idol – before it’s too late.

Word Count: 3,660


In just read your brigits_flame prompt and came over here to read your synopis and I couldn't help but ask: If Cora's mother is dead, can I assume her father does take another wife? (I just ask because you mentioned 'her parents' a few times.

Haha, good catch, Lola! The truth is, I wrote this revision before I started the novel, so it's a little out of date and should be revised. It turns out the Cora's mother died in childbirth, so it actually winds up being her father and Cade's mother that are imprisioned. Thanks for pointing this out, I'll have to update it when I get a second. Thanks for reading! :)

September 2011

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